Welcome and many THANKS for being here!

My goal in my life and for this blog is simply this…”to know Christ and make Him known”.

My testimony is unremarkable. Yet in it, like all testimonies of Gods saving grace, dwells an awesome display of Gods power. A life redeemed!

I came to know the truth of the gospel as a small boy of 5yrs. I was amazed that it was so simple. There was no secret prayer, Or ritual to it. I believed in Christ, who He was as God, and what He did for me on the cross. I believed His WORD.

My thoughts were somber and I was amazed at what I was being told. “Jesus took the punishment for MY sin?” “It was MY sin He died for.” As this truth settled in, I remember my uncle hugged me. He told me Jesus didn’t just die. His sacrifice paid my debt and broke down the wall between God and me, defeating the power of sin and death. Now I could go to heaven as Jesus did someday.

I remembered Sunday school and the stories that captured my imagination. The alter calls, people bowed in prayer, hymns that lifted the church rafters. These experiences came into focus that summer day in our back yard as my Uncle gave me Gods truth. I began to see why it all mattered. Through the preparation of the Spirit and HEARING of the WORD on the soil of my heart, FAITH came.

I thank God daily for the friend I came to KNOW in simple faith, Jesus!

Blessings to you,

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